Interview with Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

After doing the review of Carcassonne Winter, we reached out to Klaus-Jürgen Wrede to ask him a few questions regarding the design of his best-selling game: Carcassonne. We wanted to learn more about the components and his process for developing the game. Klaus was kind enough to also send us signed components and postcards that […]


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Thurn and Taxis

Thurn and Taxis is a game for two to four players designed by Karen and Andreas Seyfarth. In Thurn and Taxis, players pick up cards, place them on the table and later discard them in exchange for placing wooden houses on the game board. Points are rewarded based on how many cards are placed on […]

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Bohnanza is a card game for one to seven players designed by Uwe Rosenberg. In Bohnanza, players place cards on the table to acquire points once they remove them. Cards are allowed to be placed on other cards, only if they match – more cards stacked are worth more than fewer stacked – both in […]

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Sushi Go!

Sushi Go is a competitive card game for two to five players designed by Phil Walker-Harding. In Sushi Go players get a number of cards, pick one of them and pass the rest to the next player in clock-wise order. The players are rewarded with points based on the combination of the cards that they […]

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Takenoko is a tile-laying game for two to four players designed by Antoine Bauza. The players place hexagonal tiles of three different colors adjacent to each other on the table, move a plastic gardener and panda to add and remove circular wooden pieces with the same colors as the tiles. All of this is performed […]

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(Please note, this version is second edition and the Finnish / Swedish variant) Pandemic is a cooperative game for two to four players designed by Matthew Leacock. In Pandemic players move colored pawns on a blue cardboard playing area, remove small colored cubes and collect playing cards in matching colors that they can turn in […]

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Patchwork is a competitive game for two players. The players are quilters trying to fill quilt boards with a range of different patches and to accumulate as many buttons as possible. Once both players have run out of time, as illustrated by the central time board, the player with the most points wins the game. […]

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Carcassonne Winter

The original Carcassonne was published in 2000 and was awarded with the Spiel des Jahres award in 2001. The name is derived from a medieval fortified town in southern France. Carcassonne is the home of two UNESCO heritage sites: The Medieval city and The Canal du Midi. The board game brings the Medieval city and […]

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Hello and welcome! As may have been made obvious by the name, this blog will revolve around board games and focus on game components. There are a gazillion of board game reviewers around the world and they are all doing a great job. Our intention is not to join them in analyzing the board game […]

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