Hello and welcome!

As may have been made obvious by the name, this blog will revolve around board games and focus on game components.

There are a gazillion of board game reviewers around the world and they are all doing a great job. Our intention is not to join them in analyzing the board game mechanics, but to complement the reviews with detailed photographies and, when applicable, analysis of board game bits and pieces. After all, in a time when people invest thousands of dollars in board game tables it would be reasonable to assume that the quality of the items that are put on that table is of importance.

Please note that the games that we write about may have a range of versions for which the contents differs, both as in what is contained and how the contents are designed. We will try our best to include information regarding which version we are reviewing and any known differences for the game.

Our goal is to do one board game post per week. We hope you will join us in some indulgence of board game components!

Best regards,

Markus and Sandra


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